Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta (literally: special area of the capital city of Jakarta) is the capital city of Indonesia.

Area[edit | edit source]

The overall city of Jakarta is considered a special province and headed by a governor. It is divided into five kotamadya (city area), which is headed by a walikota (mayor). The five kotamadya is:

People[edit | edit source]

Jakarta is an urban city, home of over 10 million people [1][2] from nearly every part of Indonesia and also from other countries. Jakarta is originally the home of the Betawi people, a type of Melayu people. But in recent times, these people are already intermarried and some are forced to live in rural area because of the urban condition of Jakarta.[3] With this kind of urban condition, Jakarta is facing a severe problem of homeless people [4][5], unemployment [6], poverty [7], and crimes [8]. The local government has been trying to reduce the problem of homeless people, beggars, and people coming from other parts of Indonesia in search of work, by sending them back to their home area, issuing regulations, and doing unannounced examinations of documents and id cards in street traps or from house to house.[9]

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Overall Map.
Central Jakarta.
West Jakarta.

South Jakarta.

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