S.H. Mintardja or Singgih Hadi Mintardja is the pioneer of cerita silat writer. Before that, Chinese wuxia tales were already popular among the readers, both translated versions of Chinese authors works by OKT (Oey Kim Tiang) and Gan Kok Liang a.k.a. Gan KL, and also original works, such as those of Asmaraman Sukowati Kho Ping Hoo. He died in 1999 at age 66.


Mintardja has written more than 400 books, the longest serie was Api di Bukit Menoreh with 396 books. The titles of the books he wrote are, for example:

Introducing new termEdit

Normally a cerita silat writer uses the word silat or martial art to refer the ability to fight, but not Mintardja. He used to introduce new terms like olah kanuragan or ilmu kanuragan.


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